About Company

The company was founded in 1990 and during its years of operations, the company is fair we have a tremendous amount of expertise in comprehensive construction in any direction. With the help of the Company's manufacturing power, it is possible to carry out large-scale construction work in parallel with the maintenance of various construction sites. We are entrusted with institutions such as governmental authorities, the World Bank, the French Development Bank, the Eurasian Development Bank, and other prestigious institutions.

Panorama Dalma

The district is being built next to the Sports Concert Complex, parallel to the Tsitsernakaberd highway, on a 6.43-hectare plot of land. The location where the plot of land is located has a large slope /from 987.40 to 1028.40/, due to which the construction is carried out on 3 platforms. The city park will stretch along the entire length of the residential complex, where several volleyball, basketball and tennis courts, children's and sports fields are planned, and the green area will be interspersed with bicycle paths. The city park is bordered on both sides by residential buildings designed for 6,000 residents.
Shengavit 3

New Shengavit

The multi-apartment building N3 of the New Shengavit residential complex includes 3 underground and 18 residential floors, 1 of which is commercial. The building has 2 entrances, 8 apartments, 1-3 rooms, are designed on the living floor of each entrance, only 16 apartments on each floor. In the central part of the buildings of the complex, there is a garden and a swimming pool nearby, which is available for the residents of the buildings of the complex. The complex is located 500 meters from "Garegin Nzhdeh" and "Shengavit" metro stations.